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for Business, School & Treatment Center Settings


Top 4 Reasons to Offer a Meditation Program


#1 Save Money


A meditation program in the workplace can save money by reducing sick days caused by work-related stress. Meditation may also reduce staff turnover. Stress is linked to increased absenteeism, loss of productivity, and even disability, at an estimated cost to American businesses of around $300 billion a year.

For schools and treatment facilities, meditation programs provide a cost-effective complement to your existing efforts at improving memory, attention, self-esteem and resilience.

#2 Improve Performance

A meditation program can improve performance by fostering morale, problem-solving, mental alertness, concentration and collaboration.


#3 Increase Safety


The World Health Organization calls stress the "health epidemic of the 21st century." A reduction in stress leads to a clearer, more alert mind and less impulsive or rash decision-making, which makes for a safer work, school or treatment environment.


#4 Show Concern for Employees, Students and Clients


Wellness programs show that the administration cares about worker, student and client well-being.





"If we expect staff to work in these conditions and we recognize the effects of the working environment on them, we owe it to them to provide resources to cope with the stresses of this setting."

-A.T. Wall, director, Rhode Island Department of Corrections

Available Corporate Programs
for Business, School and Treatment Center Settings

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CALM Program

Comprehensive Approach to Learning Meditation

The CALM™ Program (Comprehensive Approach to Learning Meditation) uses a carefully developed combination of evidence-based modalities, including:

  • meditation

  • breathing

  • visualization

  • gentle Yoga

  • oriental health exercises

Rooted in 2500-year-old tradition, this comprehensive program is supported by today’s clinical research. The benefits of mindfulness and meditation go beyond each class period - extending into interactions with coworkers, clients and family, as well as promoting an overall sense of well-being.


Learn how to meditate through a structured approach that systematically guides you through the various meditation techniques that develop mental clarity, focus, inner awareness and profound relaxation.

Made easy for anyone looking to improve their physiological, psychological, and emotional states, the CALM™ Program is offered as weekly virtual or on-site classes over a span of 8 to 12 weeks, arming participants with techniques to relieve stress, fatigue, and anxiety levels. With expert guidance and practice, the lessons learned have the potential to transform individual lives and workplaces - whether working from home or in the office!

Included: Customized classes taught by certified Zen instructors who are experts in the field; Access to members-only online resources

Contact Us for a CALM™ Program custom-designed for your corporation, school, or facility today!


CALM™ Meditation Classes

Ongoing sessions

Continue to explore the vast physiological and psychological benefits of meditation that has been practiced for thousands of years and validated by modern scientific research.


Each session consists of sitting meditation, self-administered acupressure massage, and a short Tong-Gong Health Exercise routine. We have a meditation technique suitable to meet your needs:

  • Zen

  • breathwork

  • mindfulness

  • relaxation

  • PMR (Progressive Muscle Relaxation)

  • sound

  • AT (Autogenic Training)

  • moving meditation

Contact Us for a series of Meditation Sessions offered at your facility or virtually for your corporation, school or center today!

Please Note: The CALM™ Program provides a foundation for regular meditation sessions, and is therefore recommended prior to offering a stand-alone meditation program.






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Comprehensive Approach to Learning Meditation


Virtual and On-Site Sessions

Program Founders

A Psychologist and a Monk

Ruben Lambert

Dr. Ruben Lambert is a licensed Psychologist (NJ Lic. No. 35SI005107) specializing in Mind/Body Wellness Interventions.  

Dr. Lambert integrates the wisdom of zen with modern day scientific psychological research to provide training and interventions that target the mind, body and spirit. His approach is simplistic and the goal is to provide practical techniques for achieving optimal wellness moment to moment in daily life.

Dr. Lambert is currently training Social workers and school Counselors of the Elizabeth Board of Education to administer the CALM program to at risk students with social and emotional deficits

Myong-Ahn Sunim

Venerable Myong-Ahn Sunim carries out his monastic vows within the context of urban and city life. He leads a life of service where his central focus is assisting people in achieving their own personal peace and freedom from suffering.


Myong-Ahn Sunim speaks widely on the topics of meditation, stress, spirituality, and the pursuit of happiness and skillfully merges the time-tested ancient meditation techniques and Zen philosophy with the modern way of thinking, making the esoteric easily accessible to the public.

Myong-Ahn Sunim is the abbot of Soshimsa Zen Center. He is a Master of Taekwondo, Tong-Gong Healing Arts, and Chon-Do Reiki System of Natural Healing. He is a Founder of Lotus Scouts, a scouting organization guided by Buddhist ideals, the Principal of Deer Park Academy, and a compassionate and caring beekeeper. He wears many hats but when asked he always says he’s just a monk.

Bring the Benefits of Mindfulness to Your Organization!

All programs can be custom-tailored to your population, budget and schedule.

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