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We do not turn anyone away for their inability to pay/donate. Speak to Ven. Myong-Ahn Sunim to make arrangements if needed.


Healing Arts Health Exercises


Healing Arts Health Exercise tuition covers unlimited  Health Exercise AND Meditation Classes as part of the package.

Automated monthly charge

Ocean Rocks

The Wellness Package includes unlimited Healing Arts Health Exercise, Meditation, and Age Like a Sage classes.

Wellness Package


Automated monthly charge

Dollar Bill in Jar

Monthly Supporter

A Monthly Supporter donation is an expression of an Ownership Mind. The Zen Center belongs to its members and those who commit to making it their "home".

Automated monthly charge

Lotus Lanterns

A Lantern Offering can be made on behalf of oneself or loved one/s. Prayers for those offering a lantern are recited daily.

Automated monthly charge

$50/ mo

Lantern Offering

Meditating on Beach

One-time Donation

A single donation for an item, non-repeating program, a prayer service or simply as a "thank you".

A one-time charge

Donations may also be made by check to:

Soshimsa Zen Center
398 Lincoln Boulevard, Suite B-1
Middlesex, NJ 08846


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