Explore the vast physiological and psychological benefits of meditation that has been practiced for thousands of years and validated by modern scientific research. Learn how to meditate through a structured approach that systematically guides you through the various meditation techniques that develop mental clarity, focus, inner awareness and profound relaxation. Each session consists of sitting meditation, self-administered acupressure massage and a short Tong-Gong Health Exercise routine. We have a meditation technique suitable to meet your needs: Zen, breath-work, mindfulness, relaxation, PMR (Progressive Muscle Relaxation), sound, AT (Autogenic Training) and moving meditation.


Healing Arts

Healing Arts has been employed and developed as a method for  alleviating illness and strengthening the body. Its main therapeutic properties lie in its regulation of the activity of the cerebral cortex, the central nervous system and the cardiovascular system. Furthermore, the therapeutic effects also help correct abnormal reactions of the organism and have a massaging effect on the organs of the body. Tong-Gong is based on Oriental medicine.  The harmonization of Nae-Gong (internal) and Wae-Gong (external) exercises leads to a balance of mind, body and spirit.


Lotus Scouts

The Lotus Scouts includes Taekwondo classes, chess club, archery, hiking, camping, community service and countless other projects and adventures. Although Lotus Scouts are governed by the Buddhist ideals, in particular the Six Perfections, being a Buddhist is not mandatory and membership is open to all eligible parties.  

Deer Park Academy

Deer Park Academy is the Zen Center’s educational branch .Deer Park Academy offers “majors” in the following areas of study: Dharma, Meditation, Healing Arts, Fellowship Certifications, and Enrichment. All courses are open to the public however some courses have prerequisites All courses are also classified by type. T.P. or Theory & Practice courses are those courses where complimentary to the academics there is a requirement of practicum. S.A. are Stand Alone courses of theory only that do not require practicum. W.S. are hands-on workshops where a single workshop covers the topic.

Sunday Prayer Service

A traditional Korean-style chanting and bowing practice. Concludes with a Zen teaching ( in English ). Followed by a light lunch of fruit and tea.


The Thousand Hands Outreach is an expression of altruism  and an integral part of Zen tradition.   Our Outreach programs offer an opportunity to put into practice the compassionate teaching of Zen and apply them to where they matter most, daily life.

Touching Earth Outdoor Adventures

We lead our daily lives detached from nature, continuously boxed-in by our homes, cars, and for so many of us, our office or corporate buildings separated from the earth by concrete and asphalt.  Touching Earth Programs are meant to rekindle that intimate connection with nature, putting us back in touch with its beauty and wonder through outdoor activities.  A nature walk, a hike, a camping or a rafting trip, or simply some time spent on the beach listening to the soothing sounds of the waves, can give you a great emotional lift and may just be the healing you need. Join us for any of our ventures into nature’s embrace where everything can be a lesson, and each lesson extends far out into our daily living.



Soshimsa Traditional Archery Club (S.T.A.C.)

The mission of the Soshimsa Traditional Archery Club is the preservation of the ancient art of traditional Korean archery as well as its promotion as a wonderful recreational activity suitable for man and women. Archery is a sport as well as an art. It’s a relaxing and meditative. Members are expected to adhere to the highest ethical standards in their support, practice, promotion and preservation of the art.

Soshimsa Women's Group (S.W.G)

The mission of The Soshimsa Woman’s Group (SWG) is to support and empower each other, to promote personal spiritual growth, and to enjoy and prosper together in genuine fellowship, through shared experiences, talents and gifts. We support the mission of Soshimsa Zen Center and the monastic community.


I think it is where enlightenment dwells.


I've come here with my hair every which way, including a pink mohawk...never did I get a "look" or feel judged.


Very warm, welcoming, and diverse group of people.


Beautiful and peaceful.


I feel like I've discovered my long-lost family.

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