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About Us

About Soshimsa Zen Center in New Jersey

The sky does not discriminate and the Earth supports all equally, yet the wonders of the Universe are revealed to those with the eye and heart of longing. Those thirsty for knowledge cannot drink deeply of shallow waters. Theoretical pursuits are like a rain puddle while direct experience is like a great ocean. Since the time of Dalma Daesa (Bodhidharma) the knowledge of mountain dwelling sages has been passed down from Master to disciple in an uninterrupted lineage. The mountain hermits are the spring source of the rivers of wisdom that flow freely.


Soshimsa Zen Center is an oasis in this turbulent world. We keep the waters of wisdom pure; we welcome all who thirst; we are Soshimsa Zen Center. 

Our Mission: Your Well-Being

Our mission is You...Your physiological, psychological and spiritual well-being. Your mind, body and spirit connection and achieving the optimal state of balance between them. To this end we offer a wide variety of programs from meditation classes,  Zen, philosophy, Tong-Gong Healing Arts, health exercises, stress-reduction, outdoor adventure programs, as well as educational outreach. All of our teachers are experts in their respective arts. Our curriculum skillfully merges the time-tested ancient techniques and philosophies with the modern way of thinking and living. With deep respect for tradition and passion for the avant-garde we make the esoteric easily accessible to a wide variety of audiences. Welcome to Soshimsa Zen Center.