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About Us

The sky does not discriminate and the Earth supports all equally, yet the wonders of the Universe are revealed to those with the eye and heart of longing. Those thirsty for knowledge cannot drink deeply of shallow waters. Theoretical pursuits are like a rain puddle while direct experience is like a great ocean. Since the time of Dalma Daesa (Bodhidharma) the knowledge of mountain dwelling sages has been passed down from Master to disciple in an uninterrupted lineage. The mountain hermits are the spring source of the rivers of wisdom that flow freely.


Soshimsa Zen Center is an oasis in this turbulent world. We keep the waters of wisdom pure; we welcome all who thirst; we are Soshimsa Zen Center. 

Our Mission

Our mission is You...Your physiological, psychological and spiritual well-being. Your mind, body and spirit connection and achieving the optimal state of balance between them. To this end we offer a wide variety of programs from meditation classes,  Zen, philosophy, Tong-Gong Healing Arts, health exercises, stress-reduction, outdoor adventure programs, as well as educational outreach. All of our teachers are experts in their respective arts. Our curriculum skillfully merges the time-tested ancient techniques and philosophies with the modern way of thinking and living. With deep respect for tradition and passion for the avant-garde we make the esoteric easily accessible to a wide variety of audiences. Welcome to Soshimsa Zen Center.



Myong-Ahn Sunim

 Venerable Myong-Ahn Sunim carries out his monastic vows within the context of urban and city life. He leads a life of service where his central focus is assisting people in achieving their own personal peace and freedom from suffering.


Myong-Ahn Sunim was born in Poland and moved to the United States as a teenager. His training in the Korean martial art of Taekwondo and self-defense coincided with his introduction into Buddhist philosophy and the practice of meditation.

He speaks widely on the topics of meditation, stress, spirituality, and the pursuit of happiness and skillfully merges the time-tested ancient meditation techniques and Zen philosophy with the modern way of thinking, making the esoteric easily accessible to the public.

Myong-Ahn Sunim is the abbot of Soshimsa Zen Center, which is now entering its tenth year of service. He is a Master of Taekwondo, Tong-Gong Healing Arts, and Chon-Do Reiki System of Natural Healing. He is a Founder of Lotus Scouts, a scouting organization guided by Buddhist ideals, the Principal of Deer Park Academy, and a compassionate and caring beekeeper. He wears many hats but when asked he always says he’s just a monk.

Duhk-Song Sunim

Venerable Duhk-Song Sunim is a fully ordained Zen Monk and the Director of Outreach at Soshimsa Zen Center. He has been studying meditation, healing arts, mindfulness, breathing, and relaxation techniques in conjunction with martial arts, Tong-Gong and Tai Chi for over thirty years.  


Ven. Duhk-Song Sunim is also the meditation instructor at the Zen Center and teaches on-going meditation and healing arts classes at a number of drug recovery centers and corporate venues.  


In addition to his teaching and lecturing schedule Ven. Duhk-Song Sunim volunteers his time as a Chaplain at JFK Hackensack Meridian Hospital in Edison New Jersey, serves as a member of the Edison-Metuchen Interfaith Clergy Association, and provides in-person support for elderly members of the community. 

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Seon-Ji Dawn Viczai

Certified Meditation Instructor

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Hye-Kwan John Eckensberger

Certified Meditation Instructor

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Su-Wol Wendy Burney

Certified Meditation Instructor


Contact Us

Soshimsa Zen Center

398 Lincoln Boulevard, Suite B-1

Middlesex, NJ 08846

Tel: 908 377-9803

Email: info@soshimsa.org


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I think it is where enlightenment dwells.


I've come here with my hair every which way, including a pink mohawk...never did I get a "look" or feel judged.


Very warm, welcoming, and diverse group of people.


I feel a sense of comfort and ease being a part of the Zen center community (sangha).


I feel like I've discovered my long-lost family.

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