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Age Like a Sage

In-Person and via Zoom

Mondays and Thursdays


A gentle yet impactful exercise program to enhance balance, flexibility, mental acuity & strength. For all fitness levels and any age!

Drop-in for a Class at

398 Lincoln Boulevard, Suite B-1

Middlesex, NJ


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About Age Like a Sage Program
at Soshimsa Zen Center

Beyond youth, most of us tend to take our bodies for granted, as long as they don't trouble us. Most of the “action” of life takes place in the “control tower” of the head where the sense organs of eyes, ears, and mouth are located. But bringing our awareness to our bodies can be a refuge against the slings and arrows of daily life including aging and injury.

Age Like a Sage Program accommodates those with limited mobility, those post-injury who are easing into exercise, and older people, no matter how young. We'll perform wide-ranging mental and physical exercises while seated in a chair, or standing with or without a chair for assistance. The goal is to help develop and enhance balance, mobility and coordination, and develop awareness of body position in space. These faculties may be helpful in combating syndromes commonly associated with aging.

​All are welcome - at any age and in any condition- to Age Like A Sage with Soshimsa Zen Center.

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Age Like a Sage Program?

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Some Ways to Support Soshimsa Zen Center

Age Like a Sage Classes are offered free.
Donations are gratefully accepted. If interested, you may donate in-person at the Zen Center, or visit our Donations page. Thank you!

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