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Meditation, Health Exercise, Children's Afterschool, Senior Wellness & Traditional Buddhist Service Programs in New Jersey

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Free Meditation Classes
Mondays 6:00- 7:00 PM

Explore the vast physiological and psychological benefits of meditation that has been practiced for thousands of years and validated by modern scientific research. Learn how to meditate through a structured approach that systematically guides you through the various meditation techniques that develop mental clarity, focus, inner awareness, and profound relaxation. Each free meditation class session consists of sitting meditation, self-administered acupressure massage, and a short Tong-Gong Health Exercise routine. We have a meditation technique suitable to meet your needs: Zen, breath-work, mindfulness, relaxation, PMR (Progressive Muscle Relaxation), sound, AT (Autogenic Training), and moving meditation.

Beginners Free Meditation Class  (See calendar for schedule and Zoom login):

Suited for beginners. Open to all. This class lays the foundation of the posture, basic method, and fundamental principles of meditation practice.


Intermediate Free Meditation Class (See calendar for schedule and Zoom login):

This class is for those who have been attending the Beginners Meditation Classes and are ready to deepen their practice.


- Has been attending Beginners Meditation Classes

- Able to sit ~60 min. in seated meditation

- An interview and approval from the Abbot.



CALM kids logo-01.png

CALM Kids (Tuition based program)  REGISTRATION NOW OPEN
Wednesdays 4:30-5:30 PM
Wholesome Mind & Body Child Development After School Program for Kids near Middlesex, Somerset, Union & Warren Counties 

Unlike competitive sports that can create feelings of inadequacy, the CALM™ Jr. program ensures that the students do not experience unnecessary pressures or stress placed on them by the competitiveness of the activities. Each student is encouraged to progress at his or her own pace and all efforts are equally acknowledged and praised. We hope that through a balanced and enjoyable program children can develop a repertoire of motor skills, achieve success at their own levels, improve balance, focus, and coordination, increase attention span and feel confident in their own abilities to pursue more active lifestyles.

The three elements of the programs are: 

Balance- Here balance refers to both the ability to maintain equilibrium and the balance between mind and body. The first is achieved through Yoga and Tong-Gong health exercises. These exercises require the child to practice and develop a keen sense of balance. Many of the poses are performed while standing on one leg while others require additional movements making the balance that much more difficult to maintain. Fun aside, the physical balance the child will learn that balance in life is a key factor towards happiness.


Coordination- Both the exercise part of each class, as well as the games, played help in gross motor skill development and overall body coordination. The child learns to invest their mental focus and attention into body awareness.


Focus-  Central to the program is the element of focus. Focus, concentration, and lengthened attention span are required in all program activities.


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Healing Arts Health Exercise Class (Tuition based program)
Wednesdays 6:00-7:00 PM

The Healing Arts have been developed and refined for many centuries as a method for strengthening the body and preventing and alleviating illness.

The therapeutic action of its movements lies in beneficial effects on the flexibility of joints and tendons, on circulation and the cardiovascular system, and on the coordination and reflexes of the central nervous system, including the cerebral cortex. It massages the liver, heart, lungs, the organs of digestion and the lymph system. It helps corrects abnormal reactions of the organism


Healing Arts (Tong Gong) is based on Oriental Medicine. The harmonization of Nae-Gong (internal) and Wae-Gong it leads to a balance of mind, body and spirit.

These mindful movement health exercise classes are offered both online and at our Buddhist Temple in Middlesex, New Jersey. All are welcome - whether you are interested in Buddhist teachings or want to add a secular mindful movement practice to your routine. At the Buddhist Zen Center in Middlesex NJ, they are offered in our Meditation and Exercise Room, a non-religious space for programs meant to serve anyone interested in meditation, health exercise, or any of our other secular mindfulness programs. We aim to help you improve your physiological and psychological well-being.



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Age Like a Sage
Mondays & Thursdays 12:00-12:30PM

Beyond youth, most of us tend to take our bodies for granted, as long as they don't trouble us. Most of the “action” of life takes place in the “control tower” of the head where the sense organs of eyes, ears, and mouth are located. But bringing our awareness to our bodies can be a refuge against the slings and arrows of daily life including aging and injury.


Age Like a Sage Program accommodates those with limited mobility, those post-injury who are easing into exercise, and older people, no matter how young. We'll perform wide-ranging mental and physical exercises while seated in a chair, or standing with or without a chair for assistance. The goal is to help develop and enhance balance, mobility and coordination, and develop awareness of body position in space. These faculties may be helpful in combating syndromes commonly associated with aging.

All are welcome - at any age and in any condition- to Age Like A Sage with Soshimsa Zen Center. Call or email for registration information and Zoom Login, or you can request Zoom login using a form by clicking here.

Phone: 908 377-9803





5 elements meditation LOGO-01.png

Five Elements Wellness Program (Tuition based program)
Thursdays 6:00-7:00 PM

Based on the principles of the 5 Element Theory, this ongoing year-round curriculum changes with the seasons. Each season has its appropriate practices of breathing, visualization, meditation object, etc. The exercises reflect the body's internal changes thus promoting physiological, emotional, and psychological well-being.  


Each 1-hour class consists of 5 Elements season-specific meditation, breathing exercises, Tong-Gong health exercises, and meridian stretching exercises. 


These mindful meditation and movement classes are offered both online and at our Buddhist Temple in Middlesex, New Jersey. All are welcome - whether you are interested in Buddhist teachings or want to add a secular mindfulness practice to your routine. At the Buddhist Zen Center in Middlesex NJ, they are offered in our Meditation and Exercise Room, a non-religious space for programs meant to serve anyone interested in meditation, health exercise, or any of our other secular and religious mindfulness programs. We aim to help you improve your physiological, spiritual and psychological well-being.


CALM logo-01.png

CALM™ Corporate Meditation Program
for Business, School & Treatment Center Settings

The CALM™ Program (Comprehensive Approach to Learning Meditation) uses a carefully developed combination of evidence-based modalities, including:

meditation, breathing, visualization, gentle Yoga, oriental Tong-Gong health exercises

for business, school and treatment center settings in-person/online in New Jersey, or to your facility anywhere in the world via Zoom.

​The CALM™ Corporate Meditation Program is offered as weekly virtual or on-site classes over a span of 8 to 12 weeks, arming participants with techniques to relieve stress, fatigue, and anxiety levels. With expert guidance and practice, the lessons learned have the potential to transform individual lives and workplaces - whether working from home or in the office!

We have provided meditation and mindfulness programs in business, school and treatment center settings throughout New Jersey for over a decade.

Included: Customized classes taught by certified Zen instructors who are experts in the field; Access to members-only online resources.



Touching Earth Outdoor Adventures

We lead our daily lives detached from nature, continuously boxed-in by our homes, cars, and for so many of us, our office or corporate buildings separated from the earth by concrete and asphalt.  Touching Earth Programs are meant to rekindle that intimate connection with nature, putting us back in touch with its beauty and wonder through outdoor activities.  A nature walk, a hike, a camping or a rafting trip, or simply some time spent on the beach listening to the soothing sounds of the waves, can give you a great emotional lift and may just be the healing you need. Join us for any of our ventures into nature’s embrace where everything can be a lesson, and each lesson extends far out into our daily living.




Deer Park Academy

Deer Park Academy is the Zen Center’s educational branch. Deer Park Academy offers “majors” in the following areas of study: Dharma, Meditation, Healing Arts, Fellowship Certifications, and Enrichment. All courses are open to the public however some courses have prerequisites. All courses are also classified by type. T.P. or Theory & Practice courses are those courses where complimentary to the academics there is a requirement of practicum. S.A. are Stand Alone courses of theory only that do not require practicum. W.S. are hands-on workshops where a single workshop covers the topic.

Courses include: Introduction to Buddhism, Buddhist Teachings, Buddhist Sutra Study, Zen Mindfulness Training, Buddhist Dharma, Zen Meditation Instructor Training and more.

Classes are offered both online and at our Buddhist Temple in New Jersey.

1000 HANDS LOGO-01.png


The Thousand Hands Outreach is an expression of altruism  and an integral part of Zen Buddhist tradition.  Our Outreach programs offer an opportunity to put into practice the compassionate teaching of Buddha and apply them to where they matter most, daily life.

Buddhists and non-Buddhists are all welcome to attend!

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Sunday Prayer Service

A traditional Korean-style Buddhist chanting and bowing practice. Concludes with a Zen Buddhist teaching ( in English ). Followed by a light lunch of fruit and tea at our Buddhist Temple in Middlesex, NJ.

Chanting and bowing are both a Buddhist practice and a mindfulness meditation exercise. All are welcome to attend, whether as a Buddhist practitioner or as a cultural observer. We are a Buddhist Temple but also offer secular programs to help anyone improve their physiological, psychological and spiritual well-being.

Sunday Buddhist Prayer Service is an integral part of our Buddhist practice and can also be beneficial as a mindfulness practice for all people.





I think it is where enlightenment dwells.


I've come here with my hair every which way, including a pink mohawk...never did I get a "look" or feel judged.


Very warm, welcoming, and diverse group of people.


Beautiful and peaceful.


I feel like I've discovered my long-lost family.

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